Need to perform well in high pressured situations in the context of business or sport?

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory is a self report questionnaire that measures twenty different concentration skills, personal and interpersonal attributes that directly affect performance.

TAIS is known to be the premier tool for measuring specific skills necessary for performance, especially performance in high pressured situations.

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The Birkman Method® is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment designed to help you achieve more at work and at home. It integrates behavioral, motivational and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across situations. The Birkman Method is the personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.

It measures a person’s usual behaviour, underlying needs and expectations, stress behaviour and interests. It also predicts occupations, management styles, and work environments that work best for you.
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