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Let’s be honest. Hiring someone can be a tedious process. Finding the right person for a certain position can be difficult. Basing hiring decisions on a resume and a couple of interviews often doesn’t give you all the information you need to make sure you get the person who will be the right fit for the position you’re hiring for. Training a new person is expensive, both in time and money. What does having the wrong person in a position cost a business? What are the benefits of having a top performer in that same position? What if there was a way to match a person with the responsibilities and demands of a position that was based on real data? Enter TAIS…

Recently, I worked with an organization and used TAIS to help them in their selection process. They were making five strategic hires and had twenty candidates from which to choose. TAIS complemented their recruiting process, helping them identify the best five candidates.  It saved the company a lot of time, money and frustration by putting the best people suited to the positions in place. Here’s what they said:

“We used TAIS when filling a number of key senior leadership roles.  The hiring panel used the TAIS results to get a more complete understanding of the various candidate’s leadership competencies and were then able to use specific probing questions through the interview.  Once the new leaders were in place, the TAIS results provided specific areas of development for each individual.”   Melody Waldock, Strategic Business Advisor, Ontario Clean Water Agency

What is TAIS? TAIS (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Assessment) measures how adept a person is at each of four attentional styles, their ability to shift attentional focus as a task requires and what inter-personal factors will help and hinder their performance. Some jobs require a narrow, technical focus, for instance, an engineer on a bridge-building project.  Other jobs require broad, out-of-the-box focus, such as a marketing director tasked with developing a new product launch campaign. Additionally, some jobs require strong people skills, the ability to be articulate, process large amounts of information, ability to communicate clearly, and so on. Often, “the job interview” allows a candidate to say how they feel they are at these factors but isn’t able to measure these abilities in an objective, reliable way. TAIS accurately measures attentional styles and connects them to job performance, and can greatly improve hiring success rates.

The value of TAIS does not end with the hiring process either. It can be used to train and coach successful candidates in areas they need to develop to be the most successful they can be in their new role, and it has application for team training as well.

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