Our Mission

Workplaces where teams succeed, people perform well under pressure, and interpersonal challenges are dealt with in constructive ways.

At Five Star Relationships we believe that everyone can enhance their personal and professional life if they have the desire, information and access to expertise to do so.

For 18 years we have been working with individuals and organizations to unleash potential.  Through counselling and executive coaching, we address issues and challenges so people can reach goals, and build dynamic teams and organizations.

Counselling provides a safe environment to explore emotional, environmental, personality and behavioural aspects in a person’s life. This often leads to discovering insights, processing emotions and thoughts, and clarifying intentions. Being able to talk in a supportive and non-judgemental environment leads to a more empowering approach to addressing life’s situations and challenges.

Five Star Relationships also coaches CEO’s, Executives and Managers who are serious about becoming more effective. We help organizational leaders master Emotional IQ, Performance IQ, and the Five Star Performance Model which leads to dynamic teams AND a better bottom line.

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