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Five Star Relationships provides professional support and expertise to drive success in your job or business.

Leadership Development/Team Building

Self-awareness is essential for successful, healthy team leadership.   We use proven assessment tools combined with our experience and expertise to increase your self-awareness by identifying your personal values, strengths and weaknesses.  As well, you will gain an understanding of how others perceive you which will be essential for employee engagement and team building.

High performance teams are not necessarily the groups with the most impressive skills set but the team that works best together to create true synergies.  Team members want to be known, feel like they are making a contribution and have meaningful measurement of their success.   This requires an environment of trust, vulnerability and shared purpose.  We can help create that safe environment.

Contact us to schedule assessments and workshops for you and your team.  We can develop a program suited to your current needs.

Organizational Review

Organizational structure can grow inefficient relative to your current strategic goals. Various circumstances cause structure to be out of sync with strategy:  mergers & acquisitions, entry into new markets, unexpected growth, economic challenges.

Five Star Relationships can bring experience and expertise to review your current organizational structure. It’s not just about considering the org chart and reporting relationships but can encompass, workflow, customer relationships and marketing strategies.  Contact us to discuss your company’s needs. 

Process Improvement

Processes should be reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis to ensure maximum efficiency in workflow.  Too often the workplace mantra is ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ when there are opportunities for improvement.  Having a third party offer a fresh perspective by reviewing your processes and policies, gathering employee input and generating recommendations for change can result in improvements in efficiency, accuracy and cost reduction.  Five Star Relationships is here to help lead your organization in process improvement.  Contact us to discuss the needs of your organization and determine a plan to get started.

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