• Andrea Groenewald is an intelligent, capable, dedicated and personable professional. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and insight. Recently, Andrea addressed our staff consisting of 22 dedicated women from a variety of diverse cultures working to ensure our community families remain healthy. Our non-profit organization Onward Willow Better Beginnings, Better Futures provides community-based prevention programs to support vulnerable children and their families. Many days are chaotic and stressful. Andrea’s session on Self Care allowed us the opportunity to develop effective self-care plans. She quickly established a comfortable rapport with the attendees, allowing them to express feelings in a safe and productive environment. Andrea was welcoming and connected with and was openly inclusive to all of the staff and their individual needs. She demonstrated empathy towards everyday problems that created stress in people’s lives and worked with them towards viable solutions I highly recommend Andrea and would be pleased to provide further information if required.

    Kimberley Rogers Family Visiting Coordinator, Onward Willow-Better Beginnings, Better Futures
  • Andrea was invited as a guest speaker to our Solutions Weight Management Program for Everyday Living to facilitate a session entitled “Dumping the excess baggage”. In meeting a group of 20 participants for the first time, Andrea’s expertise and experience enabled her to establish rapport from the outset and tune into the underlying emotional issues facing the group during their intense period of lifestyle behaviour change. Her approach enlightened the audience and helped to increase their awareness of the thought processes involved in the challenges of making healthier eating and exercise habits the difficult ones to break. If you are looking for a facilitator with a high standard of professionalism, integrity, and adaptability, I would highly recommend Andrea Groenewald.

    Janice Holley MSc, RD – Facilitator, Solutions Weight Management Program for Everyday Living
  • I am writing this letter as a letter of endorsement for Andrea Groenewald. Andrea worked at the Counselling Services Department of the University of Guelph for five years as a Counsellor/Therapist. During that time Andrea worked individually and in groups with students who were experiencing emotional/personal issues that affected their academics and functioning. In this capacity, Andrea was extremely competent and skilled. She possesses the rare ability of combining intuition and knowledge in her work that greatly enhances the therapeutic relationship. In addition to her individual work with students, Andrea was quite involved in delivering workshops and seminars to both students and staff on many issues related to human development. Specifically, these sessions focused on Communications Skills, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution and Work Life Balance. The feedback we received on her presentations was consistently excellent. Participants used words like “dynamic, stimulating and interesting” to describe their experiences after attending one of Andrea’s presentations. She is able to communicate in a relaxed but professional manner that allows participants to foster and deepen their own personal development. I highly endorse Andrea as a Human Relations Consultant.

    Bruno Mancini Director of Counselling Services, University of Guelph
  • I have had the diverse opportunity to work with Andrea as a Business Building Coach, as a Client and as a Committee Member. Throughout these various roles, I have come to understand and respect Andrea Groenewald as an insightful, dedicated, intelligent and trustworthy professional. I have also attended a seminar where Andrea was a guest speaker. Andrea is extremely knowledgeable about her areas of expertise. Andrea has helped me personally to master assertive communication and within weeks to achieve the implementation of our business service plan that had been 3 years in the making. She is very personable and can get to the source of an issue in an easy and efficient manner. Andrea is a lot of fun to work with, she truly cares about you and will work with you to help you achieve your desired outcome. I highly recommend Andrea Groenewald.

    Nicole Gatto Associate Advisor | Clayson Wealth Management |RBC Dominion Securities
  • Working with Andrea Groenewald has been a pleasure.  Her contract work with our organization kick started our mission to overhaul organizational structure and implement timely, leading edge reporting formats. Five Star Relationships helped us to focus on the core issues necessary for our organization to optimize staff performance and organizational efficiencies. Andrea has a talent of discovering and implementing pivotal elements necessary for our organization to meet the demanding standards of excellence dictated by our Strategic Plan and expected by our stakeholders. Her relentless pursuit to keep our team all moving towards our organization’s internal goals delivered the results we needed to compete and succeed in our niche.  I would highly recommend her professional skills!

    Colleen Smith Executive Director, Ontario Agri-Food Education, Inc.
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