Tools & Resources

Five Star Relationships counsellors are trained to use the following proven tools:

  1.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Be intentional about how you think and feel about things and how that impacts choices in your life.
  2.  The Birkman Method® helps people understand their needs and usual behaviour in workplace settings.   
  3.  EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing assists in counselling around trauma issues.
  4.  Prepare and Enrich:  Get your marriage started right with premarital counselling.  Also helpful for “Marriage Check-Ups.”
  5.  Narrative Therapy: The stories of our lives can lead to recognizing our strengths, skills and abilities.
  6.  Solution Focused Therapy: leads people to new solutions for the challenging situations in their lives.
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Connected to Community Living Guelph Wellington?


We offer Drop-In Counselling sessions for employees and people supported with CLGW.

To request a Drop-In Counselling sessions, please complete and submit he CLGW Drop-in Counselling Agreement.

Once submitted, a therapist/coach will review your form and be in touch to set-up your session.

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