Building High Performing Virtual Teams

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These are challenging times to be in business. The world around us and especially the business landscape is rife with uncertainty, and ambiguity. It’s especially challenging to figure out how to create and maintain high performing teams, virtually!

Recently in a poll of high performing teams, leaders reported a decrease in clarity of 65%. This can make planning and decision making very difficult. It also impacts our virtual teams. So here are three things to focus on to help you and your team stay productive:

  1. Leaders need to strive for clarity, not transparency. Although transparency is a trendy core value of many businesses today, it’s clarity, understanding the facts, that is important. Give your team the information necessary to fully understand the challenges your business is currently facing including the reasons behind the decisions you’re making. Understanding these things will help build clarity with your team and help them to make better decisions in line with the overall direction of your organization.
  • Motivation is key. Appreciation, asking about important aspects of people’s life and small gestures of kindness and generosity can go a long way. Make sure you are personalizing motivators to your individual team members. Keep in mind that some people are motivated by accolades (public or private), some by external incentives, some by relationships and some by results. Try making a timely phone call, words of encouragement, a gift card, dropping off a coffee or meal, or a thank you card. Your team is the hands of your organization and keeping them motivated is key to productivity.
  • Create ways for your virtual team to stay connected. Keeping the team connected will promote communication and help to build clarity and cohesiveness around mission. Regular virtual team meetings with personal check-ins and a variety of channels for communicating are critical. Have a virtual pub night, games night, commit to helping other people or have a virtual competition. Remember to have fun together, too!

Giving your team members enough information so they can understand what is happening and keeping them informed is key to your success.  Virtual teams can be as effective as traditional teams if your team stays informed, motivated and connected with each other. Provide clarity and stay productive!

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