Chicago, Tampa Bay and The Stanley Cup!

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Last week we got to watch the conclusion of the exciting series between Chicago and Tampa Bay! Both teams were fierce competitors, and both were playing to win. So, what set Chicago apart?

One commentator remarked that whichever team had the best third line would win the Cup. It seems that in sports, like business, the team with the deepest, and best developed talent has the competitive edge. More and more organizations are recognizing that in order to have superior performance from your team, you need to align your people strategy with your business strategy.

Developing a people strategy can seem like a daunting or mysterious process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

★ Clarify responsibilities for each position
★ Identify and focus on key roles
★ Define corporate values and their exemplary behaviours
★ Provide ongoing feedback and coaching
★ Ensure talent is reflective of values needed to move forward and hire accordingly

A winning team requires a competitive edge. Research shows that investing in a people strategy that mirrors your business strategy will position your organization to accomplish sustaining superior business performance. A big win for the whole team!

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